Hey! Are you looking for a professional painter to put the final touches on your dream home? Do you want someone who is going to actually care about your home? Do you want someone who will respect your time and space? DeFeo Custom Painting is the company for you! We have assembled a list of the top five characteristics we believe will make for an outstanding paint job.

  1. They will care about your home as if it was their own

Defeo Custom Painting truly loves your home as much as you do. Our mission is to make you the happiest inside your home. We want your walls to feel and look the way you care about your house.

  1. Quality

We put a great amount of pride in every house and specifically every wall. We have a lot of experience in custom painting. Our professional craftsmen are always committed to delivering a high quality finish. 

  1. Efficiency

Your project will be done exactly how we promised, and it’s our number one priority until completed. When our people show up to work they are there to make your dreams come true. They want to get in and get out to respect your time and house.

  1. Time

Our intention is to be on time, all the time. Your project is our number one priority so we will do it in a timely manner. We try to make this process as easy and as efficient as possible. Everyone’s time and energy is valued, especially yours!

  1. Reduced stress

Our whole team will greet you every morning and explain the entire process. We handle everything and make sure you are okay with every step. Once the project is completed, a team leader will walk you through the job to ensure everything is finished to our standards and yours. So you will never feel out of the loop because it is your home.

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