We’ll make sure it feels like home.

…with custom colors, patterns and interior-design-conscious swatches selected just for you and the type of office environment you want to create. We’ll help you create a space, so you can get back to building your vision. 

Residential Painting Services

Make Your Office Feel Like Home

Most of us spend more time at the office than at home. Our interior design consulting can help you select your wall colors in a way that creates a sense of comfort, personality and professional flair you’ll love to work with.

Bold Statements for Colorful Businesses

Have a great company culture? A unique attitude and reputation? We’ll help paint your office to match! DeFeo Custom Painting is more than just a painting crew – we’re pros at making a statement for you.

Wall Coverings & Painted Logos

We do more than just paint! If your environment requires wall coverings done-right, we can help you make a wallpaper, industrial material or alternative selection that fits your company’s unique needs – and style.

Creative Industrial Floor Expoxies & Sealants

When you have that entrepreneurial drive, you need to love where your feet may take you. Let us help – with cosmetic and industrial floor epoxies for your concrete floors, warehouses, loading bays and more.

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